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Dog Training Club of Tampa

Dog Training Club of Tampa
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How do you register your dog?


Planning on getting a new puppy? Want to participate in agility or obedience trials? Wondering how to register your dog? 

Agility Questions?


Florida Agility has a wonderful and very comprehensive calendar detailing many of the trials, seminars, and events in the area 

Want to stay up-to-date on all things dog?


Info Dog provides a comprehensive view of what's happening in the dog world. 

Interested in taking a Tricks Class?


Do More With Your Dog has several tricks titles and certifications available. Check out their website below to view all that they offer.

Alliance of Therapy Dogs


If you'd like more information about Alliance of Therapy Dogs, the group Shelly certifies her students through, click below to visit their website.

AKC's Rules and Regulations


Have questions about AKC regulations? Click below to go to AKC's rules and regs page!