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Dog Training Club of Tampa

Dog Training Club of Tampa
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The Dog Training Club of Tampa is a not for profit club staffed entirely by our wonderful members.  We hold several obedience and agility trials each year as well as our annual Summer Picnic and Holiday Party.  We also compete in team events including DOCOF (Dog Obedience Championship of Florida) and DACOF (Dog Agility Championship of Florida).  

Membership in the club is not required to take a class.  However, we do offer the ability for our working members to earn free and discounted classes as well as discounted trial entries.  

We welcome new members!  
If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out the membership application below including the signature of two sponsors.  Please leave your completed application along with a check for our annual dues in the Membership Mailbox in the office. 

DTCT Membership Application (pdf)