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From the beginner through the most advanced trainer, the Dog Training Club of Tampa has something for everyone. 

Chewing your shoes?
Barking too much?
Begging for food?
Housebreaking Issues?

These will become a thing of the past. 

Training is both a recreational sport and an important act in the ownership of a dog. Training can begin at any age.  A dog is never too young or too old!  At the Dog Training Club of Tampa, we offer classes in Puppy, Obedience, Agility, Conformation and Freestyle.  We teach you to train your dog!  We DO NOT train your dog for you!  A brief description of each class follows.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us! 

Please Note:  Not all classes are offered year round.  Please consult the Monthly Schedule/Calendar for current offerings.



Puppy Class: 
For Puppies 12 weeks to 6 months. Class starts with the very basic commands every dog should know such as sit, stay, down and come.  Information on common puppy problems such as crating, nipping and housebreaking are covered. The purpose of this class is to develop a relationship with your new puppy and get a young dog socialized to different people, places, and other dogs.  Early socialization is the key to preventing problems later on down the road.

Please Note:  This class requires preregistration and payment in advance to secure a space in the class.  This class frequently fills.  You can check the status of the class by looking at the Calendar for that month.

Basic Obedience:  Once you graduate from puppy class and you want to continue with obedience work or you have an older dog that has never been to an obedience class, we offer a basic obedience class.  This class reviews sit, down, come, and stay and adds such exercises as heel, heel fast, heel slow, heel while turning, long sits, long downs, and long distance recalls. The class is geared for someone who wants a better-behaved dog or the owner who is interested in competitive obedience trials. This class has weekly homework assignments and work done at home is a MUST!
Please Note: This class requires preregistration and payment in advance to secure a space in the class.  This class frequently fills. You can check the status of the class by looking at the Calendar for that month.

Advanced Basic Obedience:  Advanced Basic: Once graduation from Basic has occurred, students may move on to Advanced Basic. This class is perfect for an owner who wants more than the basic class offered. Advanced Basic is a drop-in class although it is taught in seven week sessions where skills build on one another from week to week. Students are therefore advised to attend class each week to get the most out of the class.

AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certification Program
     The American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Certification test is also available by appointment.  Our Advanced Basic drop-in class helps prepare you and your dog for passing the 10 items on this test.  We have several CGC evaluators that will schedule the testing with you.  You can read all about it on the AKC website and pick up a brochure at the club.  There is a small fee for the test. 

Beginner Novice Class:  DTCT will be offering a new class, Beginner Novice, beginning Thursday, October 4th, at 6:30 PM. This will be a 7-week drop in class, which will concentrate on different exercises each week. It will temporarily replace the Rally class on Thursdays.  The Beginner Novice class will be tailored for dogs and handlers who have completed a Basic and/or Advanced Basic class, and who wish to continue to train to perfect the Basic class exercises. The class will concentrate on how to train and become successful in the Novice exercises that are part of the Basic and Advanced Basic classes.  Upon completing the Beginning Novice exercises, the dog and handler should be prepared to earn a Beginner Novice Title (BN).

Novice Obedience:  The novice class can only be joined once your dog can perform the required obedience exercises consistently.  This class is for dogs preparing for a CD title.  All the above mentioned exercises are emphasized and off leash heeling is included.  This class moves fast and you are required to know both the exercises and terminology before starting the class.

Open Obedience:  Once you have received your first obedience title, the CD, you may want to continue training for your next title, a CDX (Companion Dog Excellent).  This is the class to help you prepare for the title.

Utility Obedience:  Once you have received your CDX, you may want to continue training for your next title, a UDX (Utility Dog Excellent).  This is the class to help you prepare the title.



In Rally, the dog and handler perform exercises as indicated on a written sign at each station. The team moves through the stations as quickly and accurately as possible while having as much fun as possible!

After the Judge’s “FORWARD” command, your team is off. The exceptional feature of Rally Obedience is that handlers may talk to their dogs, praising them, and giving repeated verbal commands and/or hand signals at anytime and as often as desired throughout the competition.

When arranged in the ring in preparation for a trial, the signs are numbered sequentially to indicate the course the handler must take during the performance.  The team of dog and handler heel from sign to sign and perform the exercises indicated by the sign at each location. Except for giving the handler clearance to begin the performance, the Judge gives no further orders or directions as the team continues throughout the performance with no breaks in the activity.


Agility is an exciting, fast-paced dog sport.

At its highest levels, agility requires handlers to use voice and body language to direct their dogs over obstacles in ever-changing courses, demonstrating the ultimate in human/canine communication.

At its best, Agility is a smooth and beautiful dance.

Agility has something to offer everyone and every dog, from the athlete with the Border Collie to the senior citizen with the Vizsla, and everyone in between!  Even those of us who "can't dance" will find fun and excitement, as well as, excellent companionship with both our canine partners and our human Agility friends.

Most dogs love Agility.  The crazed youngsters find it a wild roller coaster ride that tames their adolescent energy.  The timid adults find that it builds confidence and provides exercise to increase the quality and length of their lives.  The same can be said for their human companions.

Agility can help the pet dog owner challenge their dog's fitness and mind.  It can provide the show dog with more poise for the conformation ring.  It can give the obedience competitor a chance to apply advanced obedience skills.  It can provide anyone with a fun way to spend time with their dog.

General Requirements for All Agility Classes:

Agility is a dog sport that demonstrates the athleticism, drive and trainability of a dog as it navigates a course of obstacles off-lead, guided by verbal commands and signals from its handler.  Dogs must have taken a Basic Obedience class or equivalent.

Basic obedience skills include:

  • Heel on a leash
  • Sit & down on command
  • Able to hold a sit and down stay for 30 seconds
  • Able to perform a reliable recall

Dogs must not be aggressive towards people or other dogs

Dogs must be physically able to perform obstacles. Older dogs or overweight dogs may be asked to have a note from their veterinarian in order to participate

Proper footwear is required

No prong or choke chains are allowedClasses are limited to 8 - 10 dogs

Handlers must have a positive attitude and be ready to have fun!


The Dog Training Club of Tampa offers 4 levels of agility training. 

Introduction to Agility - Obstacle Familiarization: 
Your dog will be taught Jumping;
 A-Frame; Dog Walk; Tire; Tunnel; Table and intro to Weaves in this course.  
Please Note: This class requires preregistration and payment in advance to secure a space in the class.

Basic Agility: 
We will further develop your dogs confidence to go over or through the obstacles and introduce the Teeter and Chute, as well as, starting to develop the skills your will need to maneuver around a course.   

Intermediate Agility: 
This is where you and your dog will learn to be a team.  You will learn the different crossing methods and start to run sequences. 

Advance Agility: 
In this class you will run full courses where you can hone your skills, learn different techiques and prepare for competition level Agility. 



Westminster, Crufts, the National Championship…..

Q: What do they all have in common, besides the dogs?

A: Handlers

And they all started as novices at some point.

The Dog Training Club of Tampa offers a conformation class that can teach even the most experienced handler some tips and tricks.  Whether you are an owner handler or a breeder, you will learn the basics of what it takes to show your dog at his or her best.

This class focuses on hands on training where you will learn how to position your dog and how to move your dog in the most commonly requested patterns. 

Our instructors will go over each dog numerous times, giving you advice on how to improve. Your dog will become comfortable in the ring, and will learn to let you position it without a struggle.

Our conformation class is a drop in for $5 per class with no pre-resgistation required.  Class is held Wednesday evenings at 8:30.  Please check the Calendar for any cancellations



Freestyle is an exciting new fun sport sometimes referred to as “dancing with your dog” or “heeling to music.”  There are lots of new moves to learn and music to go with it.  We offer several levels of classes and you can start with the INTRO to FREESTYLE class with Basic Obedience being a minimum prerequisite.  You will learn some simple group dances, how to choose or have your dog choose music, and how to teach your dog some basic moves.  You can progress up to developing a routine and competition or just have fun.  Dancing experience is not required; your dog will be the STAR.

Questions?  Comments?

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